The (Latest) British Airways Fleet

The current COVID scare has left the aviation world in doldrums. While many airlines have completely ceased operations temporarily due to government restrictions, others have considerably limited their operations. British Airways (BA), the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, falls in the second category.

While the COVID outbreak is going to make some long term changes to the way airlines operate, a major change is likely to be seen in what aircraft they operate. This is already been seen with major carriers choosing to retire their legacy fleet.

With this background, let us take a look at BA’s current fleet (as on 19-April-2020):

Aircraft TypeTotal Number
Airbus A318-1001
Airbus A319-10035
Airbus A320-20067
Airbus A320neo12
Airbus A321-20018
Airbus A321neo9
Airbus A350-10005
Boeing 747-40028
Boeing 777-20045
Boeing 777-30012
Boeing 787-812
Boeing 787-918

The average age of BA’s fleet is 13.6 years at the time of writing this article.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Boeing 777-200 ER
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Airbus A380-800
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Airbus A350-1000
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Airbus A321
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Airbus A320-200
Credits: Anna Zvereva
Airbus A319
Credits: Alan Wilson
Boeing 747-400
Credits: Hayden Soloviev

BA’s historic fleet consisted of some of the most iconic aircraft of earlier times, the most recognisable being the Concorde. Here are some photographs of BA’s historic fleet:

British Airways Concorde
Credits: Eduard Marmet
McDonnell Douglas DC-10
Credits: Tim Rees
Lockheed TriStar
Credits: Christian Volpati
Saab 340
Credits: Russell Lee

Cover credits: Hayden Soloviev

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