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Discover the Iconic Boeing 747: How it Revolutionized Air Travel

Since its first flight in 1969, the Boeing 747 has revolutionized air travel. Developed by aircraft manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes and nicknamed the “Jumbo Jet,” this iconic plane ushered in a new era of commercial aviation that continues to shape the industry today. The 747 is one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world and has become a symbol of air travel, with its … Continue reading Discover the Iconic Boeing 747: How it Revolutionized Air Travel

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ETOPS Ratings for Popular Aircraft

If I must recount the turning points of the civil aviation industry – the decisions that changed the fate of the industry (and the world we live in) forever – the advent of the ETOPS rating system would be one of my prime picks. Without ETOPS, we would still be flying large planes over major routes, with small planes only being used for overland flights. … Continue reading ETOPS Ratings for Popular Aircraft

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A Guide to Passenger Rights in India

The world of civil aviation has seen a consistent increase in passenger demand over the previous decades. Sailing across a temporary blip caused by COVID-19, we are witnessing an upsurge in passenger demand over 2021 and 2022. Though minuscule, fliers frequently face inconveniences pre-, peri- and post-flight, ranging from flight cancellations to lost baggage. Thus, there exists a definite need for passengers to understand their … Continue reading A Guide to Passenger Rights in India

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Range of Popular Aircraft

It is a no-brainer that range is one of the most crucial factors in the mind of the aircraft engineers while designing a new aircraft. As we saw in this article on narrow-body aircraft, range-based market differentiation is slowly becoming the future of commercial aviation. Let us take a look at the ranges of popular aircraft: Manufacturer Aircraft Range (km) Range (NM) Boeing 707-120B 6700 … Continue reading Range of Popular Aircraft