The Airbus Family

This article aims at providing a bird’s-eye view of all the Airbus aircraft, with special emphasis on the ones currently in service.

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Airbus: A Short Background

Airbus is a European aerospace corporation registered in Netherlands, trading shares in France, Germany and Spain, and with its main civil aviation business based in Blagnac (a suburb of Toulouse), France. It designs, manufactures and sells military and civil aerospace products worldwide. We are going to focus only on commercial airliners.

Important Aircraft

Most of the Airbus aircraft are of the A3x0 series. One notable exception is the recent A220 which is an aircraft designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace (Canadian aerospace company), and marketed by Airbus.

NameTypeFirst FlightImportant Variants
A220Narrow-Body2013100, 300
A300Wide-Body1972B1, B2, B4, 600, 600ST (Beluga)
A310Wide-Body1982200, 200C, 200F, 300, 300F, 300C, MRT/MRTT, Zero G
A318Narrow-Body2002111, 112, 121, 122
A319Narrow-Body1995100, 111, 132, CJ (Corporate Jet, MPA (Maritime Patrol), LR, Neo
A320Narrow-Body1987100, 200, Neo
A321Narrow-Body1993100, 200, LR, XLR, Neo
A330Wide-Body1992100, 200, 200F, 300, 300HGW, 800Neo, 900Neo, 743L (Beluga XL)
A340Wide-Body1991200, 300, 500, 600
A350Wide-Body2013900, 900ULR, 1000
A380Wide-Body2005800, 800F

The Airbus Family, In Pictures

Airbus A220
Credits: tjdarmstadt
Airbus A300
Credits: Christian Volpati
Airbus A310-300
Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Airbus A318-112
Credits: Eduard Heisterkamp
Airbus A319-132
Credits: w-es-Usuario-Barcex
Airbus A320-200
Credits: Bubinator
Airbus A321-200
Credits: Juergen Lehle
Airbus A330-200
Credits: Martin J.Galloway
Airbus A340-500
Credits: Adrian Pingstone
Airbus A350-900
Credits: Kiefer
Airbus A380-800
Credits: Julian Herzog

A size comparison can be made in the infographic below:

© Airbus S.A.S.

Now that you have a high-level understanding of the Airbus family, head over here to know how you can tell apart these aircraft by just a cursory glance.

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